Finding your Lifebody

Pilates isn’t just an exercise. A way to tone abs or trim tummies. Not just for back-aches or baby bumps. Not just breathing and stretching either. Pilates is a scientific, considered practice that changes the way you move transform the way you feel. It works for everyone and every body. It was created by Joseph Pilates to empower everyone to live the best version of their life, in their best body possible.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live.”

Life is better with a strong body. A body built by Pilates. We want to help you build a body to live in. Your body for life.

Where it began

My mother took me to my first Pilates class. With my body next to hers, I learnt the importance of movement. Later on, without her but with Pilates, I learnt the importance of strength.

That same studio trained me as a first generation Body Control teacher. Now, with over 20+ years experience and every Pilates qualification, I would like to give what I have learnt to you. Joseph Pilates said “change happens through movement”. His teachings changed my life. And I know they will change yours too.

Our teaching

We believe that blending the best from the old world and the new builds the best bodies. The strongest bodies; bodies built for life. Our training is rooted in the original science of Classical Pilates blended with the Contemporary Body Control movement. Plus a few creative touches to keep things juicy. Join us, and find a nurturing, strong community of people.

I am so glad I found your Instagram / Community. It genuinely helped me to improve my mood, back pain and general well being. I am looking forward to the Pilates class tonight.
Thank you SO much for the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was just so lovely to do a live class with you and to finally get to interact with you!! :-). It was the first pilates class I’ve done in about 3 months and I am now completely inspired and motivated to throw myself back into it. I am sure I will be feeling my abs tomorrow. Yay!!
What a joy your membership is bringing me. I can fit the classes into my own time schedule and have such a pleasure choosing which ones I do. It has also highlighted the parts that need more stretching and practise. I can’t believe how my body is toning up so quickly, it is a real incentive and your upbeat manner and beautiful face make the classes an absolute joy.
It's the first time I am joining one of your online classes. It was absolutely amazing. I have always been a bit wary about online classes as I believed it wouldn't have an impact but it did!! Your exercises were simple to execute but extremely effective (my legs and abs were burning!) Thank you so much for giving a bit of your time, what you're doing is amazing!! You have reignited my love for Pilates and I will come out of lockdown stronger and fitter thanks to you.
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