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Everyone is saying how much they adored the sessions and they are already aching in places they didn't know they could.

Nathalie was such a success - the Pilates brunch sold out every time (with a long waitlist).

Nathalie is your go-to movement specialist. She’s worked with everyone from athletes to royalty. And is a strong believer that age needn’t get in the way of a strong, healthy body.

Thank you for hosting a fabulous Pilates class on our Instagram Live. We love how you shared your tips to keep everyone motivated and moving.

A HUGE thank you for your session, we have had the most wonderful feedback, so many people commented on how amazing you were!

We adore having our very own Pilates instructor to take us through sessions on Wellbeing Wednesday - the team loves it!

Nathalie you are an utter superstar. The feedback has been truly remarkable from brand to attendees alike so thank you so much!

Ready to stretch it out? Nathalie is the expert who shares top exercises and stretches to try at home and look after your back properly.

Nathalie shared her knowledge about the time we are spending in classes. Shorter classes can actually be more beneficial for us than longer ones.

I’ve been doing Pilates with my magazine columnist. It’s a good punctuation point to shake off hunched shoulder tension.

LIFEBODY’s Founder

LIFEBODY was created by Nathalie Clough, a leading Pilates expert from London. Her unique blend of Classic and Contemporary teaching has been tried and tested for over 20 years. Now, she’s on a mission to make the magic of Pilates open to everyone.

Because life is better with a strong body.

A body built by Pilates.

Join LIFEBODY, and build your body for life.

Nat not only transformed my body but also my mind. I feel like a different person. She is totally amazing!
Molly Whitehall (WDW Entertainment)
Absolutely wish you lived near Milton Keynes so you could come and teach me Pilates three times a week. I feel much better now after your Pilates
Victoria Magrath (@inthefrow)
Absolutely loved that class
Binky (Made In Chelsea)
Nathalie is amazing. If you have any injuries, want to strengthen parts of your body or use parts of your body in the right way - definitely go to her, she's so great!
Sophie Habboo (Made In Chelsea)
Thank you so much for this morning’s class, we had such a brilliant time with you. We both said how brilliant you are at teaching and we REALLY felt the workout.
Monica Beatrice (Founder, The Elgin Avenue)